James & Lauren | Calgary Portrait Adventure

James came to Canada from Australia. And now James is returning to Australia with his girlfriend, Lauren. James had taken some wickedly awesome photos of us and we wanted to return the favour before he left.

So off we went to Calgary for a day trip to do nothing but shoot James and Lauren. It was a fun little escape from the office and a refreshing change of scenery.

When we rolled into Calgary did a quick location scout on our bikes and found one of the coolest places ever. James and Lauren showed up and the game was on.

So much fun was had here. We went on a bit of a photographer power trip and made James get into the shopping cart. I won’t show you all the photos of him giving us the finger for letting Lauren push him down the alley, but just know there were many ;)

Of course he got his turn for a bit of revenge.

Heck yes! How amazing is this photo. The tone, the feel, the light. Perfection.

This one ain’t too shabby either :)

I was getting a shot from an “aerial perspective” and decided to use Rob as my ladder. James had to take a shot and Rob was kind enough to act as though he was in excrutiating pain. Thanks Rob!

We had pretty much the best light in the world. Honestly we kept these two up on this rooftop forever and used the classic line “Just one more shot” a million times because we just couldn’t give it up!

Haha, if you’ve never met James and Lauren this will let you know just what their personalities are like!

So at the end of the shoot we’re all pretty wiped out and hungry and ready to go eat. And of course as soon as we get down to the entrance of the parking garage we were shooting in we found the door to be locked. Oops! First Lauren attempted to climb over the fence. No go.

Then we tried a synchronized jump on the weight pad that lets cars open the door. Clearly we haven’t been eating enough lately, because that was a miserable failure.

Eventually after a bit of wandering we did find an emergency exit, hoped that no alarm would go off, and pushed out in to the glorious freedom of the outside. It was a bit of a walk to get back to the cars, but a funny end to an awesome evening.

These two crazy kids are now off on their way to Australia and ready to tear it up down there. Hopefully one day we’ll make to Oz and get to hang out there!

And if you, our awesome blog reader, want to have this much fun with us and take some wildly awesome photos, make sure to contact us soon so we can hang out before the summer is over!

Lauren :)

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