Cans for Comments

A ton of great photographers have decided to give back this year in a really fun way. They’ve started something called “Cans for Comments”. It’s simple. For every comment someone leaves on our blog we will donate one can of food to the Edmonton Food Bank. We’ll run it from now until Friday, December 12 (my birthday, yay!)

So go ahead and comment here, go back through our archives and leave some nice comments anywhere. And then hit up all these other sweet blogs, see some awesome photos, and leave comments! It’s fun and for a great cause!

Chris + Lynn
Shandro Photo
Perspective Eye
Picture That
Blue Olive
CJ Scott
Jamie Delaine
Erin Gilmore
Amber Hughes
Bebb Studios

And apparently there are tons and tons more photographers taking part every day! Check out Chris + Lynn’s blog for the ever growing list!

Now get commenting!


Ok, since Kate asked for a photo here’s a photo! From the next wedding to be blogged. Just wait till you see the rest of this one!


Lauren :)

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