Jennette & Reilly in Mexico! Part 1

So waaaaaaay back in May we spent a week with Jennette and Reilly and their friends and family for their destination wedding in Mexico at the El Dorado Royale Resort. We were so thrilled that Jennette and Reilly brought us for the full week, instead of just a couple days, because we were able to get a million amazing shots! So many, in fact, that we are going to have to separate this post into 5 parts. 5 whole awesome parts! So sit back, enjoy some amazing Mexican photos, and keep coming back for more!

We’re going to start things off with some incredible details of the resort. This was the very first time we had been to an all-inclusive, not to mention a gourmet all-inclusive! For such big food lovers as us, this was true paradise :)

First off, gotta get those passports out again! These bad boys sure are getting filled up quick!

We were in love with the bright, clean colours of the resort. This is a detail from the gazebo that Jennette and Reilly got married at!

Palm trees and bright, white, gorgeous architecture. Nothing is better than that.

These nice little huts were all along the beach so you could relax in the shade. We would use one of these on the wedding day, so just wait for that post!

Gorgeous fruit.

And check out this fishy! How cute is he????

Amazing shot of someone parasailing over the bright, blue ocean.

Just in case lazing around all day was too much work, they had golf carts to shuttle you around the resort. I’m totally digging this motion blur shot Rob took while we were riding along. Doesn’t it look like too much fun!

This was the wedding chapel, which Jennette and Reilly didn’t use, but it sure looked cool!

Uno cerveza por favour!

This sauce was like, CRAZY hot. And this coming from someone who just spent 2 months in India. Those Mexicans know their spice!

We got a chance to work on some landscape shots, done with a bit of HDR going on. I think they were pretty sweet!

And some wonderful wind gave us this great shot of the gazebo at sunset.

Um, YUM! Look at those nachos? Rob and I totally took advantage of the free room service 24/7 (we quickly became known as the kings of room service). We probably ordered nachos like 10 times, quite often around 2 AM. I really miss that about Mexico….

And the tasty drinks weren’t too shabby either :)

Our room was absolutely gorgeous, and decked out with fresh flowers.

Resorts are so funky. This huge chess set was just one of so many activities to take part in. We didn’t actually play the giant chess, but we did ping-pong it up! We’re so cool.

One of the main pools, complete with swim up bar. For the whole week we were there we only went in the water once, and at this exact pool. We were just too busy taking photos and eating nachos :)

Bird in a tree! Score!

And how killer does this mask look? Mexico is so awesome.

And this concludes our first Mexico post! Coming up tomorrow: crazy guys in Mexican wrestling masks, goofy pictures of Rob & Lauren, and Jennette and Reilly’s Playa Del Carmen E-Session! Woot!

Tons o’ love,
Lauren :)

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