Jennette & Reilly in Mexico! Part 2

So want to know a shocking detail? I’m not so good at math. I try to use my “I don’t need to be good at math. I’m an artist” excuse, but really, nothing can excuse how dense I can be at times.

Here I am, with just under 200 photos from Mexico (yes, there really are that many. I told you we took like a million killer shots!). And I wanted to do a 5 parter. So, I figure I just post 20 shots per day. Yes, in my brain I thought 5×20 = 200.

Right on, Lauren. Right on.

Anyway, today you are going to get quite a few more shots than I planned, but they are still going to bring the funk. Plus there are even more shots of us! I bet you are so excited for that ;)

Let’s get down to it.

I promised you there would be guys in Mexican wrestling (aka. lucha libre) masks. And I shall deliver.

Shall I elaborate? On one of the very first days in Mexico, Jennette and Reilly arranged a casual get together at one of the many bars on the resort. Reilly’s boys figured they should get into the spirit, and came all decked out and ready to party. It certainly was a hilarious night!

Isn’t this shot the best ever? Even though he must wear a mask, she still loves him ;)

Reilly had to jump in for a shot. I love the energy guys can bring to a photo!

Rob wanted to do a fun little shot of Jennette and Reilly outside on the sand. This is what we got, which I think is pretty awesome! It may not mean anything, but it looks pretty cool :)

At the get-together Jennette handed out these amazing OOT bags (OOT = Out Of Town, for those of you not up on the wedding lingo) filled with all sorts of goodies for the guests. The best part was that her mom actually made them all by hand! They even had little zippered pockets for your room key and whatnot. It was so easy to pick out all of our group, because of the bright orange bags! I totally love that they added some Pepto Bismal too. ALWAYS important for those out of country trips :)

And I also promised some goofy photos of us. Well here they are. As we walked around the resort doing some location scouting we thought we would have a little fun with it. Here Rob told me to stand in a manner that mimicked the trees.

He didn’t think I did a good enough job, so he had to get in there and show me how it was done.

Hey look! It’s Lauren!

And, oh look there! It’s Rob!

After all these photos we’ve shown you, you must be dying to know who this elusive couple is! Here’s your chance! Now one night we thought it would be cool to head into Playa Del Carmen and do a little photo shoot with J&R, as they will henceforth be known. Not only was it nightime, but it was also super hot and muggy. Double the challenge! But I think we were able to pull out some pretty cool shots.

Borrowing” a couch for a shot. The people inside the store just sat there looking at us funny. Ah, the awkwardness of shooting in public!

These two are so ridiculously cute together. It’s kind of unfair :)

Neat little shot by Rob.

Had to make sure of the crazy weird light installation we found!

We like shots of people’s feet. It’s weird, and Reilly was like “Rob, what are you taking a picture of???”. But that’s ok, I think it’s a pretty cute shot :)

And one last one with those lights. Such a sweet photo, these two are awesome.

I’m gonna come at you with some more photos now, so get ready. Here are a few more details of the pretty, pretty El Dorado Royale. Rob found this weird little thing on the beach, and loved it! We had hoped to do some cool ring shots on it, but it got washed away :( We used it for some other shots though…which you will see in mere moments!

I loved the flowers in Mexico. So exotic!

And we got a couple of really cool night time shots of the resort. This was actually taken on the top of one of the buildings. We went up to the top level, saw a service ladder had been left out, so Rob climbed up while I passed up the camera and tripod. I stood guard, and Rob took some sweet shots. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. We’re pretty much ninjas.

What a neat shot of the pool, with those lovely little beds all lit up.

The palm trees had lights on them at night, and it was such a magical scene.

And now, unfortunately, you are going to have to sit through more photos of us…..Wait, what am I talking about. YOU LOVE IT!

Rob is pretty awesome.

He’s also pretty hardcore. See that burn on his arm? That bad boy was from cheese. Yes, CHEESE. Rob has a cheese BURN. Fondue is, like, an extreme sport.

I can’t even tell you how many times I just finished writing this beast out, just to have it washed away. This is the ONLY shot we got, before it disappeared forever. You better like it.

Then we had a night off so we decided to do some “glamour shots” of each other. You might recognize some of these as they grace our killer header bar. Here’s me, looking totally spy-ish.

And Rob, looking like a total stud. Isn’t he hot???

He also loved that weird sea coral thing so much that he wanted some shots with it. This one is just the epitome of coolness.

I love how incredibly weird and amazing this shot is at the same time.

Rob = Cute.

Lauren = Quirky.

Together = World Domination.

And then Rob did what all boys are compelled to do. He threw rocks into the ocean, then started to hit them with a stick. When he saw the shots, he remarked on his “good form”.

Ok, so enough shots of us. Tomorrow you get to rock out to some shots of something we like to call “Trash the Invite”, as well as some drop-dead gorgeous shots of Jennette.

Lauren :)

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