Jennette & Reilly in Mexico! Part 3 (plus a little somethin extra)

Here we go, we’re rolling along with these awesome photos. I think today I just might give you a little something more…like maybe….some wedding day photos! Right on! Let’s go! Follow me!!!!!

Love this shot of a couple of resort workers working on one of the gazebos. Random, sure, but still cool

Before the wedding Jennette told me she wanted some cool shots of her invitation. And when she handed it over to me, she told me not to worry if we “trashed it”. Well, the little wheels started turning in our heads and we thought, “Let’s do a trash the dress session, but with the invitation!!!”. Anything to amuse ourselves :) I present to you: Trash the Invite!

Um, this is just some water, but how amazing is it?

Aw, J+R 4—>

Rob showing the proof that we did indeed trash it.

We even threw it right in the water!

Then it was time for the rehearsal dinner. Reilly had spent the day out deep sea fishing. How big was that fish Reilly?

Just a simple, gorgeous shot of a pelican flying overhead at sunset.

While we were all waiting to head over to the restaurant for the dinner we decided to make use of the fantastic light. Jennette looked stunning, as always, so we just HAD to shoot. These are the results:

At the rehearsal dinner all the youngens decided to break out the tequila. Apparently you are supposed to put the empty glasses on your head. Who knew!

And hey, let’s just throw caution into the wind and start off the wedding day photos! We’re just crazy like that, aren’t we?? You never know what you’ll get on the Rob & Lauren Blog!

So to continue with the craziness, check out this crazy bunny made out of towels. Crazy!

And now to move away from the crazy, and towards the pretty. This was Jennette’s wedding clutch that her mom made for her out of excess material from the dress. How gorgeous is that?

Jennette and Reilly’s lovely little casita suite where the girls got ready in the morning. It was such a great place to spend a relaxing morning (yes, you heard that. Relaxing on a wedding day! It’s true!)

It sure made for some amazing dress shots.

Some veil detail, and some gorgeous light.

How cool are these rings? So unique!

Jennette getting her hair done.

How cool is this shot??? Jennette’s mom taking a quick little snap.

Haha, I love shots like this of the bridesmaids. When it comes to bridal hair, it’s always gets so crazy before it gets pretty.

We ran out to take some ring shots in the sand (don’t worry, we were INSANELY careful not to lose them :)

So many bridesmaids!!!! No wait, just one :)

Haha, more crazy hair!

The girls making sure they know which verse to read.

What a cool little shoe shot. Good choice on the shoes Jennette!

Lol, make sure that veil is on tight!

Now you might have been wondering how a wedding morning could be relaxing. Well, some cocktails beside the pool sure helps.

And a bit of relaxing on the outdoor bed adds to the atmosphere.

Jennette’s mom was really, really, really, really, really, hungry.

Don’t forgot to brush your teeth, Jennette!

I love make-up shots like this.

All the gals getting ready.

But what were the boys up to??? I’ll give you one guess….

Ooh! A little strong, Reilly?

Nothing like some Red Bull to get you pumped up about a wedding!

What an amazing gift Jennette gave to Reilly in the morning.

And now the girls are back at the pool, getting their feet wet. Seriously, why can’t all weddings be like this?? Lol, jokes of course, we love them all. But this was just too much fun.

And then a special delivery came in just for Jennette. A very special letter from Reilly.

It got the girls a little teary eyed.

While Reilly just hung out like a total stud.

I adore this shot of Jennette getting into the dress. Can’t you just feel the quiet anticipation?

Great angle on the buttoning-up.

Uh oh! Spill emergency! Thank goodness Rob had his Tide-To-Go pen on hand!

And then the boys walked it out to the ceremony.

Jennette was just brimming with excitement. What a fabulously adorable shot.

Just time for a quick portrait before it’s time to get married!

And let’s leave it there for today, shall we?

Wait, you want more?

Well, does this awesome video tickle your fancy?

Rob & Lauren Hang Photos from Robert Lim on Vimeo.


There will be more videos to come in the future, as well as more shots from our studio, which is growing more awesome by the day!!!!

10 extra bonus points for whoever can guess what show we’re watching in the video. Leave your guess in the comments below!

More tomorrow friends, more tomorrow :)

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