Jennette & Reilly in Mexico! Part 4

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Now, moving along.

These photos are 1337. That’s all I have to say. Let’s go.

Flat out one of the most gorgeous wedding locations we’ve seen.

All the details were just beautiful. These flowers were so simple and elegant.

Just waiting for the ceremony to start.

Walking down the aisle.

Like I said, just a stunning wedding location.

The ceremony was filled with lots of laughs.

And even a few emotional tears.

How fantastic is this? The first kiss. And check out the bridesmaid’s reaction on the left. SO happy!

And my view of the first kiss.


The girls were all so gorgeous. And also some of the most kind and supportive bridesmaids I’ve seen. Jennette is one of those rare and fantastic brides who spend their wedding day thinking of others and trying to make sure everyone else is taken care of. Her awesome bridesmaids kept reminding her that this was HER day, and to enjoy it!

The whole bridal party was just so fun to work with.

Reilly looks pretty pleased to be surrounded by such gorgeous girls, eh?

And the guys had a bit of fun themselves.

The whole awesome party.

How ridiculously cute is this shot??

Like I mentioned previously, these two are the cutest together. Ever.

Exhibit A.

And Exhibit B. It’s interesting how I’ve gravitated towards black and white photos for this post! I just love how it shows all the joy and fun these guys were having together.

Like I said. Fun.

We had to make use of that fantastic chapel.

And a classic, picture of two ridiculously good lookin’ people.

Haha, how funny is this? J&R walking towards their reception, passing by some sunbathers! Only in Mexico!

The reception was all kinds of awesome. When this is the first thing you see when you walk in, you know it’s going to be a par-tay!

Um, ok. So I love dessert….

And a BBQ buffet! How perfect!

Their reception was right beside one of the pools. They had these gorgeous little lights floating in the pool, it was so beautiful.

The sunset over the reception.

And inside there were lots of laughs going on.

Telling a funny little story about Jennette. I love funny speeches!

I told you it was a par-tay.

Best. Tequila. Reaction. Shot. Ever.

What a cute little first dance.

And the father-daughter dance was just so touching.

I absolutely LOVE when brides and grooms take the time to have more than just one dance together.

Ok so let me just say: You can tell they’re from Calgary :)

Haha, Reilly seemed to get a lot of strong drinks on this trip!

And then, of course, look into the glass to see what on earth that was!

The Mexican version of cutting the cake. Verdict? Awesome.

Candy spill!!! Some of it was actually really weird. Like, chili flavoured lolipops.

Strange things happen in Mexico.

Rock on, Jennette!! Rock on!

And how amazing is this? Jennette and her mom hopped into the pool to start dancing…

Then the WHOLE group hopped in. It was just an amazing sight. Honestly, if anyone is considering a destination wedding, I can’t recommend it enough. The sense of connection and intimacy with all their friends and family was wonderful, and I know everyone there had a fabulous experience. It was an honor to be a part of it all.

And of course, what is a par-tay without some vodka Red Bulls? No par-tay at all! LINE EM UP!

Up next, the much anticipated Trash The Dress shoot!

Until then, I really hope you guys enjoy!

Lauren :)

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