A day off...

Today we took some much needed time off. After a couple weddings last weekend and a couple weddings this weekend we needed to recharge our batteries a bit! This past Wednesday was my best friend’s birthday (his name is Steve, the fabled third member of our first photography company, 3 point photography). Since we weren’t able to meet up for his birthday we played a little tennis today, and roasted some weenies over a fire. We also got up to a little bit of fun on the trampoline…

The man of the hour. Mr. Steve.

Where’s the parachute?

I would love to do a shot like this with a guy in a business suit…

Lauren busts it out.

Steve and I teach Lauren how to do a backflip. She was actually able to sort of land the first one. I’m pretty sure next time she’ll be able to do it without our help!

Our good friend, Rosina, from highschool was in town and dropped by.

This would be such an awesome couples shot, if any of our current brides or grooms have some tumbling skills then please let us know so we can do an awesome trampoline session with you.

Steve’s brother Kurt. I think he said that he was trying to do some yoga move.

Rosina took us for a ride in her new Infiniti GS-37s. Holy cows what a beautiful car!

Rosina had to make the drive back to Fort Mac tonight so she left a bit early.

I wasn’t sure if i was still able to do a backflip on the ground. When Steve gives me some encouragement it’s easy to believe I’ve still got it. (The tennis and yoga we’ve been doing probably helps a bit)

This shot was actually taken in New Zealand four or five years ago when I was in a lot better shape! When I got back from traveling I made this picture my blogger profile pic and Lauren stumbled upon it. She thought it was an interesting picture and left a comment on my blog, I sent her an e-mail and the rest is history. It’s cool that she was able to take the above picture of me!

On an unrelated more photography related note I just thought I would share one thing with you guys!

At every wedding we try to do a little reception slideshow of some of the days pictures so that guests can see some shots of the bride and groom getting ready as well as shots of photos of the afternoon. These slideshows have become super popular at all our weddings and guests will often come up to us and say they wish they had gotten us to shoot their wedding when they got married.

I just want to put out a huge open invitation for people to keep in mind that anniversary photography is a great idea! Keep getting photography done throughout your relationship and as you start a family, it’s such a fantastic way to showcase the growth of you two as a couple. We’ve got a couple great family and baby shoots ready to blog and once you see them you’ll definitely know what I mean! So if you’ve been meaning to do this, there is no better time than the present! Run to our contact form (run, don’t walk) and give us a shout!


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