Jennette & Reilly in Mexico! Part 5

So here we are. We finally made it to the long anticipated Trash The Dress session of Jennette and Reilly. We all gave ourselves the day after the wedding to rest and recouperate. Then, on the morning that Rob and I flew back to Edmonton we got up at sunrise to start the shooting. Believe me when I say that we REALLY aren’t morning people. We are generally up around 10:00AM. So to get up at 5:00AM was tough, but if there was anyone we’d do it for, it would definitely be J&R. They are just so gosh-darned awesome.

I won’t say much as these photos do the talking. But basically a TTD session is just a time when we don’t worry whether or not the dress gets dirty (in this case it actually got cleaner. Go figure!), and just take whatever shots we want. We don’t set out to deliberately trash the dress, we just want to shoot with total freedom.

For the record, this is a great way to get some wedding photos even a few years after your wedding! And Edmonton has a ton of opportunity, even though there’s no sand :)

Here are those photos I mentioned. Put on your seatbelt because these ones will take you on quite the ride!

And a few cool behind the scenes shots of us!

And so ends our photos from Mexico! I hope you guys enjoyed them, and are ready to get on to more and more awesomeness with us!

Lauren :)

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