Reasons why Jennette and Reilly are awesome...

So last night when I posted up J&R’s TTD I was SO TIRED. I’ve been suffering a cold the past couple days, and it has really wiped me out. Thus the very noticeable lack of text in that last post.

But you didn’t think you’d get away without me saying something nice about Jennette and Reilly, did you? You know how things roll on this blog! We love our flients (friends/clients) and want everyone to know!

Jennette and Reilly’s engagement session was shot in Edmonton about a week after we returned from India. So we were a little nervous about figuring out how to interact with people again in the same way. But these two, from the moment we met with them, were incredible.

So we know Mexico was going to be off the hook. And it was. It was so funny because we were often asked by the other wedding guests if we were friends of J&R. And we know that they are wondering if we were old friends who just happened to be photographers as well. Which we weren’t, since we met them online as clients. But we still had to say yes, because J&R truly made us feel like friends!

I wanted to share a few fun little shots of the very very kind gifts they gave us when we got back home!

Anyone who gets Scooter a gift DEFINITELY gets to be on the blog. For serious. :) Here he is enjoying his new pillow that can be heated up in the microwave to keep him nice and snuggly.

And for the humans in the house, they got us insanely cool and unique bowls for our noodles. By the way, we LOVE noodles. These ones are the best.

J&R, you guys are awesome. So awesome we could just slurp you up.

So yeah, that’s all sorts of funness. Jennette and Reilly, we heart you forever.

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