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So have you all noticed the new and completely awesome photos at the top of the page? Now that we’ve been upgraded to the newest version of Fotojournal I can change those as frequently as I want. So I have a ton of hilarious photos of Rob, myself and Scooter to go up there. Keep an eye on there to see all the coolness.

Here’s a great wedding for you to feast your eyes on. Let’s go! 

Kim getting ready in the morning. Love her eyes peeking out from under the veil.


Rob is SO GOOD at getting great expressions from grooms. I think he just has a ton of patience to wait for them to let their guard down. I always adore these kinds of shots.


And again, Rob is just awesome. Check out these detail shots of the church he took with our Tilt-Shift lens. Killer.


Lace details from the wedding dress, and her gorgeous shoes.


Just a moment in the kitchen as Kim is waiting to leave for the church. I love that the clock is there above her, it absolutely makes the shot.


Haha, so Jason has a tendency to get really really hot when he wears suits. So Kim sent him a little fan to keep him cool. I think he appreciated that.


Their ceremony just amazing, and there was so much warm light. Loved it.


We got to run around our favorite place: Fort Edmonton Park! Hooray!


This picture just sums up every wedding we’ve ever been to. As we tramp around with the bridal party, the groom inevitably gets to carry the bride’s flowers and bouquet. At least Jason looks like he’s still having fun!


Here are those fab girls.


And the studly boys.


Then it was time for fun with Kim and Jason. We found some really great spots in the park that we had never shot at before. That’s pretty much our favorite thing ever!



This horse was quite interested in what was going on!


Yet another shot of Rob’s that just blows me away. Sorry if it feels like pat-Rob-on-the-back day, but he just blew this wedding out of the park!




They did such a great job of decorating. I LOVED the red laterns!


Lots of laughs at the reception.


We may or may  not have gotten a bit silly as we were leaving…..


Hope you all enjoyed those photos! Let me know what you think!


Lauren :)

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