Chill Session!

Woo woo! So today we had our Chill Session and it was totally awesome. I still don’t know if I’ll be able to talk tomorrow, but wow is it great to talk to so many other photographers and see their reactions when we put something in a new light for them.

It was a long day and there was so much talking and learning that I’m sure Rob and I will be totally zonked out tomorrow morning, but 100% worth it. We’re already getting some amazingly sweet emails from participants and we’re so glad they enjoyed themselves! 3 awesome girls even came from Calgary!!!

During our Chill Session we had a live shoot to show everyone how we interact with our couples and choose shooting spots. We had AMAZING models (who have never done this before, by the way) who did a unbelievable job even with 18 photographers shooting them! I really wanted to share some shots of them because it was so fun and we got some really great emotion from them.

And one really cool shot of all the participants:

Thanks to everyone for coming and a huge thanks to Greg and Carole for being our awesome models!!! Can’t wait to see the shots from everyone else!

Lauren :)

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