Chill Session Results!

Happy Monday my friends!

Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to chill with 10 uber cool photographers! While we were all chatting in the morning I had a perfect view out the window of the blizzard that had taken over the city. But I knew that wasn’t going to stop us, and we were going to shoot no matter what! So everyone bundled up, and followed us out to an industrial area for some fun. To be honest, Rob and I were pretty worried as we were driving out there, and figured our shoot would be cut short. But we were having way too much fun, and were getting some mind-blowing shots, that I think we ended up shooting for well over an hour and a half in blizzard conditions!

Before I continue it’s essential that I give a huuuuuuge shout out to our models, Andrea and Mike. They drove all the way from Red Deer to hang out with us, and we truly couldn’t have had a better couple to work with! They were probably freezing cold the whole time, but never showed us anything but pure enthusiasm. We were so honored to create these images for them!

Check out the snow!!! In a normal situation we probably would have resheduled, but I’m SO pumped that we didn’t because it adds such a killer element to the photos.







 To get this shot I made all 10 photographer tramp through huge amounts of mud. We were all pretty dirty after that, but I maintain that it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.



 Again, we can’t thank Andrea and Mike enough for their amazing model skillz. They totally made our day!

And to all our Chill Session participants, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an amazing day. You guys were fantastic!!!

Tons o’ love,

Rob & Lauren

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