Jamie & Jon // Wedding Teaser

Ok, I’m finally getting this up! Wow, it’s been a busy day, but I’m determined not to miss my Monday post :)

Geez. Now I have to write about Jon and Jamie, and that’s pretty incredibly hard. These two are some of the most beautiful people both inside and out. During their speeches, when everyone was saying all these ridiculously nice things about them, you could just see the whole wedding party nodding their heads in agreement. These are the people who live up to those platitudes every single day. They took ridiculously great care of us, and honestly I can’t think of any place I would have rather been on Saturday than hanging out with these two.

I think Jon will dig this portrait. He’s sitting in his Bobcat (recall that he was the dude who did our amazing landscaping!)



 Love this one. I hope Jon listened to that sign :)



 Awwwww. This is Mr. McDuff, Jamie’s dog. When we asked them if there were any special shots they’d like us to get during the wedding day, he was the only thing on the list :) But look how cute he is!!!


 Jamie’s dad the first time he saw her in the dress. Man that guy looks proud.


 And then it was Jon’s turn to see her. He looks pretty smitten I’d say. I love these little moments during the ceremony.


And then fun times! This bridal party was hilarious and kept us laughing the whole day.



 The University of Alberta installed some new rocks near Saskatchewan Drive. So we made good use of them!!



Ok, I had to throw a couple photos of the flowers up here because they were STUNNING! They were created by La Piazza Dasee and were truly one of the most beautiful bouquets ever (even though I think it weighed roughly 100 pounds ;)


And speaking of flowers, that gorgeous parasol Jamie is holding was also created by them, and is filled with white orchids. Isn’t this just the epitome of a fairytale wedding??


And of course, a little bit of fun and awesomeness thrown in!! Mad props to Jamie for being so fearless!!And for these two for being such awesome snugglers :)


And finally, a true one-in-a-lifetime moment. We snuck out during the reception for some photos around the gorgeous grounds of Red Tail Landing Golf Course and this little bunny kept coming up and checking us out. Then he jumped past these two creating a pretty nifty shot :)


Whew!! That was quite the teaser post! But I hope you all enjoyed it, especially all the cute animals :)

Have a fantastic evening, and keep coming back this week because we have a ridiculous number of shoots we’ve been doing lately and can’t wait to share them!!

Lauren :)

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