Sonal & Raj // Mixer, Mendhi & Mayhem

Hehe, mayhem. Don’t you love alliterations?

So, here we go! More of Sonal & Raj, yay!

The first day on board the ship Sonal & Raj planned a fun little mixer activity for all their guests to get to know each other. They got into groups and dressed one team member up as either a bride or a groom using toilet paper, streamers, feathers, and all sorts of other fun little things. I love this shot of Sonal’s mom getting her tiara put on :)


 And this guy was such a good sport as the ladies crafted a toilet paper turban for him!


 Then in the evenin the ladies got together for the mendhi party. I gotta say that the girls who did the mendhi were all starts! Imagine doing such precise and delicate work while a huge cruise ships rocks and sways!


 Sonal looked gorgeous as always. I love how her mom looks so happy to see her daughter all dressed up!


 Such beautiful colours, and sparkles from their jewelry!



In the meantime, well, this was the “mayhem”!


 Take a moment to really look at everyone in this image and see the little story that is going on. I love it!


 How much do you love those earrings??



 The final product!


 And yes, there is still a lot more to come!

P.S. DEFINITELY check in on Monday for an awesome new annoucement!! If you ever wanted some amazing photography by Rob & Lauren, you’re REALLY gonna wanna see this!

Lauren :)

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