Romy & Joyce // Concept

Rob is a guy full of ideas. He has lists all over the place; some on paper, most on his multiple computers in several different programs…

Needless to say he spends a lot of time thinking. Some of his ideas are admittedly pretty “out there”. Stuff about robots and such. But many of his ideas are pretty amazing, and we just jump on the opportunity to try them out. They don’t always go exactly as planned (well, they almost never go exactly as planned) but they always result in something totally new. And that’s exactly what we want.

Rob had an idea for a photo shoot, but we needed the right couple. Enter Romy and Joyce. A totally gorgeous couple who loves to have fun together. And yes, they are already married, and I already blogged some wedding photos, and I’m totally going out of order here, but I don’t care!

What made them absolutely perfect was the fact that Romy is a photographer himself. That meant not only that some of Rob’s planned shots would have special meaning for them, but also that we knew they would be up for whatever crazy ideas we dreamed up.

So here we are. Romy & Joyce’s concept shoot. We need a better name for that, but essentially what we mean is that we have a concept, and that drives how we shoot, rather than just shooting whatever comes to mind as we usually do!

This concept took quite a bit of prep work to execute. Here’s what it was.

When a couple books us, we often say that they get something special: two unique viewpoints for their big day. But what would happen if we took that idea, and went as literal as possible….

Well, you get this:


 That would be two images taken at the EXACT same time. One by Rob, one by Lauren.


 You see, Rob devised a way to trigger the two cameras at the same moment. I would set up my shot, as would he, and then he controlled when both cameras would fire. The result is two images of the exact same moment, taken with completely different viewpoints. I think what’s amazing about these images isn’t the photos themselves, although they are pretty nice. I think it’s so fascinating to see how different two people can see the same scene!!








 This is what I meant when I said these images would have meaning. Here you can see Romy holding one of the cameras, and taking a shot of Joyce. Rob is again controlling when both images are made.


  And as always, we have a lot of fun, even when doing something all artsy and whatnot!




I really hope you guys enjoyed these! We have always made it a point to keep pushing ourselves, and doing something totally new. And we loved getting that opportunity with this shoot. Thanks Romy and Joyce for really making this all happen, and braving the cold weather for all those hours!

Lauren :)

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