Embrace the unexpected.

I’ll be honest. By the time the reception starts at a wedding I’m starting to get a bit tired. We’ve usually been going like crazy for many hours, and at an Indian wedding it’s probably up in the double digits by then. So when I’m trying to get my detail shots before things get going I’m not usually too happy about screaming children running around and messing up my work.

But that’s the absolute worst mindset to be in as a photographer, and something I’m really trying to stop myself from doing. Photography is about the place, the moment, the truth. Instead of trying to shape the situation to fit my needs (getting a simple shot of the head table) I should be just experiencing what’s really going on. That’s when I’ll get a shot that’s more than just a simple record of what something looked like, but is unique and interesting and has depth. Tells a story, is a slice of reality, and all sorts of fancy terms.

Needless to say, I almost didn’t take this shot. My first reaction was to be frustrated that this kid ran into my frame, and “ruined” my detail shot. What a silly way to see things. I think this frame is 100x more interesting than it would be without this little boy.


 Embrace the unexpected, and keep your eyes and your mind open.

Lauren :)

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