We make mistakes all the time. Alllllll the time. It’s the nature of business, and not something I’m too worried about at all. I know I have a ton of mistakes in my future, and I’m totally cool with that. As long as I see them as opportunities for learning and growth, mistakes aren’t really that scary to me.

One really big mistake we made was while traveling India. We were way too shy, and neglected to really photograph the people there. It’s something we still talk about, and I know next time we make our way to India, things are going to be very different. I’m excited for that. And I’m glad I’ve been able to see what I did wrong last time, and can change it next time. Yay for mistakes!

It’s images like this that show us what a mistake we made. These types of shots are very few in our gallery from India. The people there are so incredible, vibrant, and full of life. I’m glad that even though we didn’t get enough, we got a few wonderful images like this one.


 Lauren :)

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