The next adventure....

Well, my friends, it took us a little while to decide but we’ve just booked our tickets. I read through all your suggestions a few times, but one destination kept grabbing my attention. It fit all our requirements, and just happened to be an area of the world that we’ve never been.

In January we are going to be heading to…


 PERU!! And no, the above photo is not of Peru, but rather sand dunes in India. Relevance? Peru also has sand dunes! And also I don’t have any photos of Peru…yet….

A big thanks to Sharon, Ashley, Andrea, and Allison for the selling us on Peru! If y’all wanna email me (lauren [at] robandlauren [dot] ca) I’ll be hooking you up with a little thank you present! If anyone has an advice re: Peru feel free to drop us a line or leave us a comment!

And once again, thanks everyone for all the great suggestions. We really hope we’ll be traveling a lot in the next few years, and I know I’m going to keep coming back to all those comments!

Lauren :)

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