Photo A Day

Well, we’re currently done outdoor shooting for the year. The snow on the ground this morning just reinforces that for us (we’re not down with the cold weather). But now as we’re starting to finish up all our wedding stuff, we’re realizing that we have thousands of really cool photos that never got published. So I’m going to start posting one photo a day! Feel free to post any thoughts on the image in the comments. I think I’ll bring back the 100th commentor contest. If you are the one who comments on a -00 then you’ll win a free fine art travel print from us! Woo!!

First up, a frame from the Amerstdam airport on our trip to Greece.


 P.S. We’re fairly close to the next -00 so comment away! But don’t leave multiple comments, or just filler comments. Trust me, I can delete comments and I will :)

Lauren :)

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