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Hey friends!!

Man, it seems like Rob and I haven’t even had a chance to breathe in the last few months, let alone update all our awesome blog readers about what’s going on with us! We’ve obviously been shooting a ton of awesome weddings, but as usual, there is always a lot more going on.
A few little news tidbits for ya today:

If you don’t have us on Facebook or Twitter, you’re totally missing out! I had posted a pretty awesome little piece of news a little while ago! Rob and I were very honored to be featured as the DWF members of the week! The DWF is a forum that we’ve been members of for a couple years now, and has been an awesome resource for all things wedding photography. It was really cool to get to answer the questions, and stop and think about our careers thus far. If you’re bored, definitely check it out here :) Props to our amazing friend, James Day, for the epic shot of us being huge goofballs, as usual!


Secondly, the October Chill Session is starting to fill up! If you’re interested, drop us a line. We had a blast at the last Chill Session, and are crazy excited about the next one! Rob and I tend to come up with new concepts, theories and ideas on a weekly basis, and so each and every Chill Session ends up being different, with all the things we’ve been thinking about lately! Good times.

Thirdly, we’re going to be heading out of the country for a couple weeks, shooting what will prove to be a crazy awesome wedding. Details are on the down low for now, but make sure to check back in a couple weeks for something that will literally blow your mind. If you’re emailing us, it will be a while till we can get back to you, so we really appreciate your patience!

And finally, we’ve been having a blast this summer shooting a ton of portraits with some of the city’s coolest people. I haven’t had a chance to blog them all yet, but here are a few samples of recent stuff :)











Have an awesome weekend everyone!! Oh, and tomorrow happens to be Rob’s 26th birthday. I still dig him, even though he’s getting old :) Feel free to leave him some b-day love in the comments!! He’ll really really enjoy it :)

Lauren :)

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