Another New Project for Us.

(First up, I want to apologize for neglecting this blog so badly! That will not be a trend that I intend to maintain, and will be posting regularly very soon! Rob and I were up to our eyeballs in this project and everything else was put on the side burner! But we’ve launched it, and are now attempting to restore balance and order in our universe :)

It seems like I say that we have a new project every month now. We just can’t seem to stop ourselves from trying out new things, and expanding our business & art in ways we never expected. Exhausting, stressful, but oh so fun! ;)

This latest project has really set a fire in us. It has to do with something we’re incredibly passionate about: education.

Being self-taught photographers ourselves, we know exactly how long it takes to learn the technical and artsy stuff about photography. Then how long it takes to learn how to start a photography business. And then, just when you think you’ve figured it all out, there’s the incredible amount of time it takes to learn how to run a successful photography business.  And the crazy thing? Learning those things NEVER stops. We learn more every day. And much of that learning comes from the many mistakes and misteps we’ve taken along the way. We really hope, through teaching, to help others avoid those mistakes!!

So what to do with all this passion for education? We’ve been holding Chill Sessions for the past few years, and have enjoyed sharing with some of the most wonderful photographers you could hope to meet. We also starting doing one-on-one coaching this year, and have been able to help a ton of great people! But it was all local. Not easy to share.


Enter Photography Concentrate. A new website dedicated to sharing real-world photography knowledge. We’re kicking it off with  a video tutorial all about RAW Processing in Lightroom. If you’re not using that program to do most of your processing, you’re missing out! It’s incredible. Even if you’re a hobbyist just starting to learn about processing, this tutorial will be awesome for you!

What’s really awesome is that this is just the beginning. We have a TON of things planned for that site over the coming months. So if you’re photographer (pro or passionate amateur!) we’d love for you to check it out!


There’s a second part to this announcement. And it’s a big one. One that I’ve been procrastinating writing for hours now. But I suppose I just need to jump in with both feet here.

Rob and I have made the very very difficult decision not to take any weddings for 2011. 

I could probably write a novel about the reasoning for that decision. But to really boil it down, we believe that life is best lived charging after your dreams. Our dream, from day one, has always been to become travel photographers. Weddings casually strolled into our lives, and before we knew it they completely took over. We couldn’t do near as much traveling as we’d like, since our schedule was determined a year and a half in advance! 

But there’s no need to belabour the reasons. Needless to say, we’re very sad that we won’t be getting to meet new brides and grooms, and share their wonderful journey with them, but we know we’re leaving the Edmonton wedding photography market in very capable hands. There are some wonderful shooters here :)

This doesn’t mean that things stop on this blog. Hardly! We have some wonderfully amazing weddings this year that we are just so excited about. And we are planning to really expand the portrait side of our work this year, so there will be a lot of images yet to come!

It’s going to be an interesting journey from here on out for us. We’re leaving a business we know very well, to pursue one that we know hardly anything about. But that’s never stopped us in the past, and it certainly won’t stop us now. It only takes a heart full of passion and the dedication to work relentlessly to make your dream a reality. That’s something we believe in absolutely.

So, I hope you’ll all join us on the adventure our lives are sure to become! We have been thinking BIG a lot recently, and have some wacky ideas for our future. It will be scary, for sure, but I have a feeling this new path will take us some incredible places.  

Tons of love, and truly, thank you for reading our blog.

Rob & Lauren :)

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