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Anne-Marie was the winner of a gift certificate that we donated to the fantastic #yeghelp fundraiser. We were very excited to meet her, and her fiance Travis, and take some fun portraits of them! It was a bonus to have Maggie, their adorable Sheltie, come along.

We admittedly get a bit too excited when pets are part of the shoot, and they usually have their own little separate portrait session with Rob! But, like our cat Scooter, Maggie is absolutely a part of this gorgeous family, and it was really wonderful to get some shots of her. We’re pretty pumped that the image of her and Anne-Marie snuggling will be going up on their wall! There’s a certain photo of us with Scooter that I should really print out to go on our wall…..

I’m getting distracted thinking about animals! As you can see, the people in this shoot were drop dead gorgeous, and fun and fascinating to boot! They are both musicians, and I’m sure you can guess what instrument Travis plays :) Anne-Marie is a classically trained singer (WOW!), which, while insanely impressive, isn’t quite as photographable as this gorgeous upright bass.

Travis is a “freelance bass player” and travels around the world touring with different artists. You should ask him some time about the food he ate in China, he completely wins the “weird stuff I’ve eaten” game! Apparently bumblebees and lotus petals are quite delicious! 

Annie-Marie has such incredible eyes, and such a fun personality that she was an absolute joy to photograph! And together they are full of laughs and happiness. 

You also might notice that we took quite a few photos of Travis and his bass, as well as the bass alone. We don’t really ever get to shoot musicians, so when we meet one with an instrument that could be considered a work of art itself, well, we just can’t help ourselves :)

Have a wonderful wedding, you guys. Knowing you two, it’s going to be a blast!

Lauren :)

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