Away We Go!


So today Rob and I are off on an adventure! Hoorah!

We are going on a roadtrip right across Canada! All the way to Prince Edward Island. Nearly 5,000km. 

My parents just recently retired back there, and nearly my entire family lives there, so it’s time Rob met them all! The trip is going to be one week of driving, one week of visiting, and then flying home. I couldn’t think of a more perfect roadtrip! It’s going to be an incredible time, I already know it :)

We might get a chance to update this blog, not quite sure yet! But if you want to follow along you can either friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. I should be posting a fair bit there, and possibly asking for advice along the way! :) We have no plans at all, no schedule, and no route. That’s what I call an adventure!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tons of love,

Lauren :)

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