Angie, Jordan & Owen // Portraits

Without question, our favourite part about being portrait photographers is getting to work with a family as they grow. So getting to meet little Owen, and see Angie and Jordan as new parents, was a serious treat for us. No exaggeration.

We started our Angie & Jordan journey way back in July 2009, when we shot them as two young lovebirds, engaged and ready to get married. I still remember that session vividly, which might not seem like much. I guess that was just over a year ago. But honestly our years tend to become blurs, so for me to remember much about a particular session is a big deal! I remember just sitting in the grass, hanging out, and chatting. It was a perfect summer evening (Canada Day in fact) to spend with two very wonderful people. It still remains one of our favourite engagement sessions ever.

Then, we stepped it up a notch, and shot their wedding. By this point we were realizing that we were in love with all things Angie & Jordan. Their wedding was quintessential. Love, laughter, friends, family, and just a darn good time. It was perfect. It was also the first time Rob shot with his 4x5 film camera, and the first time I shot Polaroid images at a wedding. So many milestones with these two!

So, when they told us they just had a little boy, we knew we would be there. And that we would love every moment of photographing them together. And we did. It was pure magic to spend an afternoon with them, watching them take care of Owen. As you can see in the images, I don’t think they stopped smiling for a moment. They are the happiest parents I’ve ever seen, and I really can’t wait to see them grow as a family. Owen is going to be so very special, because his parents are so very special. 

Thank you, guys. Truly.

Lauren :)

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