Coins for Comments and Fine Art Travel Prints for the Edmonton Food Bank

Update: Thanks to everyone who left a comment, we really appreciate your participation! We ended up donating $2 for everyone who left a comment.

In 2008 several photographers (ourselves included!) worked together in order to raise donations for their local food banks during the holiday season. They used a strategy known as “Cans for Comments” where each comment received on their blog within a certain time frame would equal one can purchased by the photographer for the food bank. 

We really love the concept, especially at this time of year! But this time we’ve decided to do things a little differently! Instead of donating cans this year we’ll be donating money. The reason being is that Food Banks often need money in order to purchase food that isn’t donated, as well as cover operational expenses. 

So for each comment this post receives we’ll donate $1 to the Edmonton Food Bank. You can leave any sort of comment you like. Or you can answer a question we love hearing the answer to:

Where is your favorite place in the world?


  1. One comment per person please! (multiple people per household is fine!)
  2. In order to easily track comments, only comments made on this post will count.
  3. This blog post will be left open for the entire month of December, but we’ll be tallying things up and making an initial donation on December 17th in order to help people through the week of Christmas. 

Fine Art Travel Prints

In addition to Coins for Comments we thought it would also be a good time to make a few of our travel prints available for sale and raise even more money! We’ll be donating $25 from the sale of each print to the Edmonton Food Bank. These could be really cool Christmas gifts for the photography or travel lover!


  • All the images were made during our recent trip to Peru.
  • Each print is titled, signed, and has a story about the photo.
  • All prints are created by Rob on our own professional printer. He put a lot of love into creating these!
  • The prints are made using beautiful, naturally warm toned, fine art bamboo paper and archival pigment ink.
  • Images are a mix of digital as well as film photography as indicated in the description
  • Image dimension measures 6x9 inches and is printed on 8x10 inch paper. You could custom mat and frame to just the 6x9 image and hide the title, story, and signature or you can use any 8x10 frame to display the whole thing.
  • Prints are $60 CAD + 5% GST (and include shipping to anywhere in North America, e-mail rob [at] if you’re located elsewhere on Earth and we’ll sort any additional shipping charges) 
  • $25 from the sale of each print will be donated to the Edmonton Food Bank

To purchase a print vist our secure online checkout page, enter the total with GST ($63.00) and in the comment field below enter the name of the print you’d like shipped. If you would like to order multiple prints at once just put all the titles you would like to order in the comment field and adjust the total appropriately.


White Horse. Cuzco, Peru. 2010.

One day we hired a local taxi driver to take us on a ride through the Sacred Valley. Only a few minutes into the trip we called for the driver to pull over. We had spotted a llama! We climbed out and began to walk towards the llama, when we were surprised to see a single white horse standing alone in the field. Our favourite images always seem to happen unexpectedly. (Film)



Banana Truck. Pucallpa, Peru. 2010.

We were near the port of Pucallpa, where bananas are brought in from boats, and then transported by truck around the country. As we were standing on the sidewalk a three-wheel banana truck came speeding down the street towards us. I began taking photos, they noticed, and right as they passed they smiled at me and waved, making this shot one of our favourites of the entire trip. (Digital)



Corn Drying. Pucallpa, Peru. 2010.

Corn is a big part of Peruvian life. The country is home to a variety with unusually large kernels, which are often eaten dried as a snack. Walking along the road in Pucallpa, we found thousands of kernels being dried out on the road, using the uncomfortably hot sun to do the work. (Film)



Bananas. Pucallpa, Peru. 2010.

Pucallpa is a major port city, and moves tons of bananas every day. Walking around the port brought us right into the thick of the action, and we watched for a long time as men would carry back breaking bunches up from the river, then pile them high into trucks, ready to move them further into the country. (Film)



Typewriter. Pucallpa, Peru. 2010 .

On our last day in Pucallpa we went for a stroll around the main square. We came across a row of typewriters set up beside the road. We watched as the locals would bring their documents to the typewriters, and would sit as they punched out the messages. The tapping of the keys mixed with the sounds of motorcycles zipping by, creating the typical din of busy life. (Film)



Houses. Iquitos, Peru. 2010.

Iquitos is a city on the Amazon. Inaccessible by road, it has a distinct visual appeal thanks to a major rubber boom in the 19th century. The city has the most incredible palette of colours of any place we’ve ever visited, and was truly a photographer’s dream. (Digital)



Grazers. Peru. 2010.

The journey to Puno included some of the most stunning vistas we’ve ever seen. We spent the entire trip running back and forth in the bus, shooting out of both sides of windows, in complete awe of what we were witnessing. These cows were absolute dwarfed by the hills behind them, exquisitely patterned with geometric terracing. (Digital)



Shepherd Women. Peru. 2010.

We were on our way to see Macchu Picchu when flood rains washed out the train tracks. We hopped into a bus to drive back to the town of Cuzco, winding through the mountains of the Sacred Valley. Our bus roared past in a hurry as we captured this quiet moment. (Digital)

Samples of the actual prints!






Note: Frame and mat are not included. 

Again, to purchase a print vist our secure checkout page, enter the total with GST ($63.00) and in the comment field below enter the name of the print you’d like shipped. If you’d like to order multiple prints at once, just put all the titles you’d like to order in the comment field and adjust the total appropriately.

(P.S. If you’re running a cans for comments or coins for comments program leave your blog address in the comments and I’ll add it to the end of this post!)


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