Want a Rob & Lauren Holiday Card?

Well, we may be a wee bit behind schedule, but last night Rob and I created our annual holiday card. There is a fair bit of pressure to top last year, when we unveiled this masterpiece:


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that photo. Makes me laugh every single time! So this year we tried to bring just as much ridiculousness to our card. I think we might have done it…Maybe. Last year was just so epic it’s tough to beat! 

So, you want one this year, don’t you? Well, if you got one from us last year you’ll be getting one again. I have the list, so you’re safe. And if you’re a client I’ll be pulling your mailing address from our records (if you’ve given it to me). So you’re safe. (For the record, cards will be on time within Canada, but the rest of you will probably get these gems a bit after Christmas. Thems the breaks.)

If you are neither of those, however, you better get your address to us ASAP! Hit up our contact form, and send me your mailing address. If you could format it in the message box properly, including your name, postal code, and all those things, that would be splendid!

And, since I have your attention, would you mind being a pal and taking a minute to comment on our Coins for Comments post so we can give money to the food bank? Thanks friend!

P.S. We love holiday cards too! If you feel like sending us one just tell me in your email and I’ll send ya our addy. SO MUCH FUN!

Lauren :)

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