The 2010 Holiday Card + Bonus Behind-The-Scenes!

Happy Holidays! Omg so exciting!! This year we sent out a pile of very awesome/ridiculous postcards to all our friends! In case you didn’t get a chance to sign up for one I figured I’d share it here! AND BONUS ROUND! As my gift to you, here is a little behind-the-scenes peek at how we created it! 

First off, the finished image. HOORAY A KITTEN! Best present ever!


Now the making of. First off, we picked the image we’d use of me. But Rob looked a little crazy. Please note how wonderful those gifts are wrapped. Class.

He looked good in this one! But I looked insane. No biggie, just going to use Photoshop to combine them!

Then we needed a shot of Scooter. Rob tried putting him in the gift box. It was tough.

Scooter wasn’t having it.

He made an escape.

We got wise and bribed him with some treats.

And, just as the memory card filled up he looked straight at the camera. Woo!

Then I fired up Photoshop and made the magic happen. First off, combining our two expressions. That was easy since we had it set up on a tripod, it was just a matter of masking one of us in.

Then time to add in Scooter. Not quite as easy, since he managed to move the box as he flailed. So I put him into the image, but the lighting wasn’t right and you could see the very masterful wrapping job.

Fix it up! 

And finally it needed a little extra sparkle. Because of the lighting the tree ended up looking pretty lame. We took a shot of the tree without the light, with just a long shutter speed to get the glow. I masked it in as the background and BAM! Pretty!

And that’s how we did it! And, since I’m POSITIVE you are wondering, those are definitely adult onesies and you can get one for yourself right here. Do it. They are wicked comfy!

Happy holidays my friends! Looking forward to sharing LOTS with you on this blog in 2011! 

Lauren :)

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