Best Wedding Image of 2009 Contest


Well, here it is! The contest you’ve been waiting a whole day for!!!

The Best Wedding Image of 2009 Contest!!

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’ve chosen my favorite image from each wedding we shot this year. There are so many great moments and memories connected to these images, I’ll give you a quick insight into why I chose it. Then, choose your favorite image and click the link below it. 

Now, Rob has informed me that some people don’t use mail clients, but web based email. Ok, I’ll forgive you. If that’s how you roll (If you use Gmail you should be reading this part!!!), and this whole “Click the link” thing won’t work for you, simply do the following: 

1. Email

2. Write “Vote for Best Wedding Image of 2009” as the subject

3. As the body, put “This is my vote for _____ and _____.” Clearly you fill those blanks with the names of the couple you’re voting for. Bride’s name first, groom’s name second if you please. 

But that’s like, a lot of work, so if you can just do the link-clicky thing and everyone’s life will be easy. 

Moving on. The winning couple will receive a free 16x24 canvas of that image! Yowza that’s sweet!

But, since we wanna make this extra fun, one really lucky voter will win a free portrait session in Edmonton and 8x10 custom print from Rob & Lauren! Huzzah!!! So it definitely pays off to vote! 

We will only count one vote per person, so please don’t cheat. We will be doing all that fancy geek stuff like checking IPs, so we’ll know if you’re using all the email addresses you’ve ever created since you were 13. If we do find someone cheating, we will send an army of ninja cats after you. And that would be bad news. So don’t do it. Cool? For full contest rules check the fine print at the bottom of this post. Because without rules, all of this would descend into anarchy. 

With all that business-y stuff out of the way, let’s get to the fun part! Our favorite images of 2009!

Angie & Jordan: We found a really great, quiet parking lot to shoot with these guys. Rob unloaded his 4x5 film camera and took this beautiful frame of them. Even being so small in the shot, you can tell they are grinning ear to ear. Their happiness just exudes from each and every image we took of them that day. You felt truly happy just being around them. 



Anita & Robin: When chatting about where to take photos on their wedding day, Anita and Robin told us that the old Fort at Fort Edmonton Park was special to them. We shot there for quite a while on their big day, and had the place all to ourselves. Poplar fluff gently floated on the air like a mid-summer snowfall. And the light was just beautiful for them, letting us capture this gorgeous shot. I love that, again, you can tell they are both just beaming at each other, and that you can see Robin’s Metis sash, a tribute to his heritage. 



April & Sheldon: Separately, both April and Sheldon are chock full of energy, life, and personality. But when they are together, you get to witness quietness and tenderness. It is so amazing to see how they balance each other, and we feel very lucky to been able to capture that wonderful relationship in this image. 



Barbara & Anthony: Barbara is one of my oldest friends, so getting to shoot her wedding to the man of her dreams was a true honor. These two have since moved to Victoria, so this image with the Edmonton skyline in the background is special to me, as Edmonton is where we met and became friends! I also love the look of pure happiness on her face as her new husband tenderly gives her a kiss. 



Sonal & Raj: Undoubtedly one of the most visually amazing weddings we’ve ever shot. This extravaganza took place on a massive cruise ship, culminating in a magical ceremony on a Caribbean island. This image sums it all up: stunning couple madly in love, amazing outfits, golden light, and a unique and exciting location. They really made their wedding into an experience of a lifetime for each and every guest!



Jenn & Jonathan: These two brought us all the way to Virginia to share in their wedding celebrations, and what an experience that was! It was tough to choose my favorite image from their stunning day, but I went with this one. End of the night, they slowly dance together (quite fortunately under a spotlight!) as the lights resemble a ceiling of stars. 



Jen & Wade: This image is one I’ll always remember. I’ve spent a LOT of time trying to figure out how that reflection works, and still can’t sort it out. Neither can Jen and Wade. It’s doesn’t much matter though. All that matters is how happy you can see they are looking at each other. I love this shot because I don’t understand it, and it’s this wonderful little teaser to me. Plus they look amazing. It’s a good’er. 



Laurie & Joseph: This image always stands out for me when I think of the wedding of Laurie & Joe. We walked down into the woods near their church and found ourselves in a natural wonderland. Beautiful weather, wonderful friends, and a lot of fun. Walking back out, we asked these two to stroll up the path and go in for a kiss. They had shared their first ever kiss only a short while before (their first kiss as man and wife was their first kiss ever, which is just too romantic for words!) and so they were more than willing to oblige! This classically stunning image will always be a favorite of mine. 



Jamie & Jon: These two cutie pies are so full of love for each other it’s spellbinding! On their wedding day we headed out to Jon’s family’s property to take some shots of them. Jon had spent countless hours leading up to the wedding painstakingly preparing the landscaping. You see, Jon owns his own landscaping company (he’s the reason our yard looks so good!) and so he used those talents to create a beautiful spot to take photos with his new wife. And as you can see, he did an incredible job. 



Joyce & Romy: Oh man, there were so many potential shots to choose from this wedding!! What it came down to was wanting to show the personalities of these two. Romy is a goofy, funny, wonderful guy who is up for anything! And Joyce, though she seems quiet in comparison, definitely has some sass to her! This image always always always makes me smile and I love it for that! 



Karen & Gary: Oh how much we love this image. It’s so quiet, romantic, timeless, classic….I feel it right down into my heart every time I look at it. There is almost nothing that needs to be said about it. These two are just so stunning, they definitely made our job easy peasy. 



Kristin & Michael: These two had such an amazing, urban style, and expressly requested “no trees!” in their wedding photos! That’s not a common request, and we loved it. I’m sure people think we’re nuts when we talk about how much we love parking garages for wedding photos, but look at this image! You have concrete, metal, lines, patterns, shapes. And in between all of that beautiful graphic interest, two people, deeply in love, their soft, natural forms quietly about to kiss. That sort of contrast gets me all excited and makes me talk too loud until Rob has to tell me to chill out. I really love this shot. 



Michelle & BJ: Oh man. Getting to know these two has been an experience worth more than anything. I can’t even begin to tell you in words how funny, entertaining, and just downright awesome these guys are. That’s why I chose this image. This image shows you who Michelle & BJ are better than I could tell you. Really, you’d just have to hang out with them for a while to get the full experience, but since you probably can’t, this shot will hopefully suffice. I love that these wacky kids completely owned it on their wedding day, and rocked out like rockstars. True story: that wall behind them was in perfect condition prior to them bringing the noise. Well, maybe not true story, but let’s all just pretend together. 



Reina & Prav: If there was ever a posterboy/girl for the word “trooper” these guys would be it. When we were shooting their wedding in Calgary it was FREEZING cold. Freezing. Like, you don’t even know how cold. A blistering wind made every moment of shooting a tough one. And we were all bundled up!! Look at what these two are wearing. Now. Look at their faces. They just got married, and didn’t care for one moment what the weather was like. Even though it’s a bleak day, with snow on the ground, they literally warm this whole shot up. Love it. 



Robyn & Susheel: This was pretty much the most ballin’ wedding we’ve ever shot. These two poured their hearts into each and every detail, and it showed! In the midst of all that, of course, they treated us like great friends and we had a blast together. There were so many shots that I could have chosen that were gorgeous (I mean, look at them!) but I went with this one. It was one of the very last images we took of their wedding. After two morning to night days, we were all exhausted. The first dance had just ended, and we snuck them outside. For the first time in hours, there was quiet. They were alone (pretty much). The lights of the city shone in the background, and the air was warm. They still looked flawless, and we created this portrait. And I think it is totally them: urban, modern, beautiful. 



Shazma & Matt: This shot is one that snuck up on us. There were so many shots of these two being silly, having fun and goofing around. They really are a goofy pair when you get them together! But there is a very deep connection that exists between them, and you can see that in this gorgeous twilight image. The tones, the tenderness, the light, their beautiful outfits, everything about this shot leaves me breathless. 



Vini & Money: These two had one of the most insane wedding days we’ve ever been a part of! An extremely early morning saw them being married in Calgary. After lunch, portraits, and the 3 hour drive back to Edmonton, they then spent the evening performing a traditional ceremony for Money’s family. And they smiled through every moment, even though I’m pretty sure they were exhausted. It didn’t matter, they wanted to make sure all of their family was part of their big day! But on their reception day, they got to enjoy something rare: some time alone! So when we showed up to shoot some portraits before the reception, they were just exuding happiness and calm. That meant that when we started shooting it was so easy; they were just so happy! This frame was one Rob took with the 4x5 film camera, and I LOVE it. It has a surreal, soft quality that I adore. And I can just feel the mood from these two, so happy, so calm, just hanging out together. 



Wow. Writing this post took me pretty much all day. But it was wonderful to do. So many great memories of our time spent with these wonderful people! We are truly lucky to have been a part of each and every one of these weddings. I have no clue who will win this contest, but I’m looking forward to hearing from all their loved ones! Remember: simply click on the link beneath the image you’d like to vote for, and press send! The contest will end at midnight on March 9, so get your votes in!! 

Lots of love,

Lauren & Rob

Contest Rules: There is no cost to participate in, enter, or redeem a prize in this contest. Voting will take place from February 22 to March 9 at midnight, MST. The couple who receives the most legitimate votes will receive a free 16x24 canvas print of any image from their wedding. We will only accept one vote per person, so please don’t try to circumvent that, as we will be checking. One voter will be chosen at random to win a portrait session and 8x10 print from Rob & Lauren. That prize contains other conditions that will be communicated to the winner. The prizes have no monetary value and cannot be converted to cash or credit. This is our contest, so we reserve the right to make the rules, and change them if we see fit. Have fun and play fair!

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