The Adventures of Rob & Lauren

Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve been awfully quiet lately. The reason is we’ve been working like mad on a new project…

The Adventures of Rob & Lauren!

In two days we leave to spend a month in Peru. We created a blog, and will be updating it frequently during our trip with all sorts of neat stuff. It’s a return to our deep passion for travel photography. We are just unbelievably excited about this, and would LOVE if all you wonderful readers would check it out! 

You’ll get to follow us as we journey through Peru, visiting such breathtaking sites as Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca, and trek through the Amazon to visit indigenous tribes. And of course there will be a TON of super cool photos. It’s going to be an amazing adventure, and we hope to share as much as we can with you!

To check it out, visit this site:

And here’s our super cool logo! Yay!


We would be forever grateful and love you long time if you all would share this site with anyone and everyone who might find it interesting! We promise to make it as fun and entertaining as possible! This is our dream, and we are just so pumped to leave in two days and start this really fantastic adventure!

Love you guys, and hope to see you over at The Adventures of Rob & Lauren!

P.S. I think it goes without saying that this blog will not be updated while we’re in Peru :) So if you’re bored, you’re going to have to check out the new blog!

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