Helen // Grad Portraits














Helen just graduated from Business School, high fives to her! It’s a serious accomplishment, and she wanted to celebrate that with some photos that were a bit more fun than the standard offerings. We were down with that, and excited to work together to create something unique for her! 

When we showed up on the evening of the shoot it was stormy. Real stormy. We stood there, wondering what to do. Rob spotted a girl with a froggy umbrella and remarked, “Wouldn’t it be cool if that was her umbrella?”. It was. Ask her one day how she got that umbrella, it’s a good story :)

The rain started as soon as she walked up to us, but her smile never once faltered. She was pumped and ready to shoot! We were nervous because, well, there was no light! But Helen was up for anything, and so were we. Strolling around we managed to find a ton of great spots, had a blast, and shared some great conversation.  Then just near the end of the shoot the clouds cleared for a wonderful 20 minute window to allow us a bit of time to shoot outside. Thanks weather!

Helen is probably one of the most kind, warm, thoughtful, and drop-dead gorgeous people I have ever met. You just can’t help but smile constantly around her. We were so lucky to get to capture her at this exciting time in her life. This girl is going places, I know it for a fact, so watch out world!!

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