Fall Sessions // Promo

Well, it’s that time of year! As much as you might want to plug your ears, close your eyes real tight, and sing “Tralalala”, you can’t escape the fact that we’re over half way through the summer. Gasp!

That means for us we’re looking towards the fall and getting booked up for the last few outdoor sessions of the year! 

And just so it’s not such a hard pill to swallow, we’re having a sweet promo! Yay! Ready?

Book a portrait session with Rob & Lauren this fall (September & a wee bit of October) and you’ll receive one complimentary set of Notecards!

Note: We only have a handful of slots left, so contact us right away if you’re interested in some super fun custom artwork and we’ll hit you up with more details!

What are Notecards?” you are asking (I know because I can hear you…). Let me show and tell you!

First up, what’s your favourite thing to see in the mailbox when you check it? It’s certainly not bills (yuck). It’s a piece of personal, handwritten mail! We want to encourage a return to handwritten notes to let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them! What would be a more wonderful and thoughtful little gesture? 

Well, if you had a gorgeous Notecard with stunning images of yourself on it, that would be extra cool! We’ve been creating custom Notecards for our clients for a while now, and wanted to share how nifty they are! Check out these two recent designs:

Birth Announcements A beautiful way to announce the arrival of a new addition!



Family Notecards These bad boys are perfect for any occasion! We can also add a holiday flair and you’re all set for the best holiday cards ever!



So, we think those are pretty snazzy, and all sessions for the fall will be getting a complimentary set to show off their beautiful new photos! Cool, right? Not cool enough, we want to have a bigger promo than just that….

Moving Portraits

You’ve likely seen all of Rob’s stunning Moving Portraits he’s been posting lately. We really feel that they capture something a bit more than stills alone, and have been loving creating these unique pieces for our clients. To sweeten the deal….

All Moving Portraits are 50% off for new fall sessions!!!!

I know, we spoil you guys. That’s ok, we just love shooting, and want to make sure we can connect with as many wonderful people before the snow hits!

Here are a couple recent Moving Portraits to jog your memory:



If that all sounds pretty neat to you, and you’d like to get more details, or set up a portrait session, just drop us a line and we’ll chat!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day, fingers crossed that the sun decides to return in force to Edmonton! 

Lauren :)

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