Katherine & Chad // Wedding

Starting this wedding post off with something a bit different. Rob created these two images while waiting for Katherine to get into her dress. He always is shooting whatever is around him, and it gives such interesting diversity for our clients. They sometimes wind up with the work Rob created on their wedding day mixed in with their wedding photos! 


And then back to regularly scheduled wedding photos. :)



She knit that. 


And then finished it up on her wedding day.


First look. They haven’t seen each other yet. Adorable.








They are so naturally elegant together. Grabbed this next frame completely candidly, and all credit goes to them for being so stunning. 


Ceremony at the Winspear


Stunning decoration by  Julianne of A Modern Proposal


I love how expressive hands can be. Love love love.


That natural elegance I was talking about? Some of it might come from the fact that they are incredible ballroom dancers. 



Painfully delicious cupcakes from the talented folks at Whimsical Cake Studio.


The first dance. 


And their reaction after an incredible performance that they have been preparing for for ages. Love. 


Chad had some incredible dance shoes, definitely had to showcase them here. 



And finally, the rings. These are fingerprint rings, so Chad’s ring has Katherine’s fingerprint, and vice versa. 


As I’m sure you can tell, this was an incredible day. Katherine and Chad chose some of Edmonton’s most photogenic locations, and we were in heaven. From making a scene at the Art Gallery (I mean, who wouldn’t stop at stare at these two strolling around the gorgeous building?) to dancing in the deserted lobby of the Winspear, it was pure magic. 

Katherine is deeply into knitting (notice her tattoo?) and created the most stunning shawl I’ve ever seen in my life. She was always reluctant to try to add up the hours that went into it, but it was literally months of work. It was all worth it though, because on her wedding day she was wearing a work of art. The dedication that goes into something like that is unreal. Major respect, Katherine. Major.

And Chad, what can I say about that guy. Completely and utterly genuine, and one of the kindest people I’ve met. That guy had me laughing all day, and then managed to make me cry, which doesn’t happen that often at weddings. I really really love when people are able to just be themselves, and let their emotion show. From the million watt smiles, to the touching moments where he was just so filled with love for his new wife, it was so much fun to photograph him.

Together, they are the definition of adorable, as I hope the photos show! We were so lucky to be there and photograph such a stunning event, and be treated to so much kindness from them, their family and their friends. Thank you guys for such a wonderful day!

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