Upcoming Interview with Get Totally Rad!


 It was quite a surprising moment when I received an email from Kristen, Minister of Muggle Relations at Totally Rad Actions. (Yes. That’s her official title. What?) If you’re a photographer I’m quite sure you’ve heard of Totally Rad Actions, as they are probably the most popular actions of all time. I use A Better Web Sharpen on every single image I ever put online. Doug knows what he’s doing. 

Anyway, somehow she heard about the two of us up here in the frozen north, and wanted to interview us. I’m still not quite sure what possessed her to contact us, but we couldn’t be more honoured!

As I’m fairly known for talking a LOT I’ve given Rob carte blanche to use whatever means necessary to physically stop me from speaking if I start to embarrass myself. But we all know he won’t be able to completely stop me ;)

So this Thursday, June 3, at noon MST we will be chatting with her for an hour! EEP! That’s an awful lot of time for me to make a fool of myself, so I encourage you to tune in and get your chuckles in for the day! At least I think you can tune in?

The link for the interview is here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gettotallyrad/2010/06/03/interview-rob-lauren

Don’t worry if you miss it though, or can’t tune in live. You’ll be able to listen at any time and there will be a little post about it on the Totally Rad blog! Woo woo!

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