Tihiro & Mike // Wedding Teaser

All right, so here’s a slightly larger teaser of our wedding from this past weekend! Tihiro and Mike were married beside a lake in the Okanagan valley. If you’ve never driven through that area of British Columbia, I highly recommend the experience. Even though it was a long 10 hours of driving from Edmonton, it was just so beautiful we found ourselves immensely enjoying just soaking in the scenery. 

There will be much more to come from this wedding, just wanted to share a few standouts!

We got up early on the wedding day and strolled around the area. As we stood beside these lilacs we watched a few huge butterflies and bumblebees come and go. Then a hummingbird showed up and it was crazy to watch it dart around. Very incredible creatures!


 One of Tihiro’s bridesmaids folded about a bazillion paper cranes for the wedding while on maternity leave. That will start to give you a sense of how incredibly kind every person at this wedding was.


 The setting was just unreal. In Edmonton we’re not really close to any major bodies of water, so being right on the edge of a lake was pretty fun for us!


 Tihiro’s bridesmaids were very involved in getting her ready for the day, doing her hair and makeup. So much friendship going on.


 Love this shot Rob got of Mike’s brother in the morning.


And Mike’s mom ironing his pants for him. :) 


 Did I mention how much love was flying around? It was amazing.


Check out the gorgeous ring pillow! So stunning. 


 And the ceremony location wasn’t half bad either ;)


 Yay! Married!!


 This bridal party gets top honors for being amazing. By this point the sun was out in it’s full glory, and it got hot! But they never once complained, and were just enjoying getting to stand beside Mike and Tihiro on their big day. Made my heart smile real big.


 Some gorgeous portraits of the gorgeous bride.


 And then super fun times with just these two! If you’ll notice, Mike is about 5 feet taller than Tihiro…ok, slight exaggeration. But she’s quite short, and he’s quite tall, and the two of them together are just ridiculously cute. I found myself grinning every time I’d see them standing side by side. 





 And a final shot of the pretty nifty building their reception was held in! Not too shabby.


Man, this is such a tiny glimpse at the beauty of their day! Can’t wait to share more! But for now I hope you enjoyed these! 

Lauren :)

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