One Website To Rule Them All

Today I am announcing a new website. (Click here if you just wanna see it, and skip my ramblings :)

Yes. It’s ridiculous.

If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll know that I seem to make that announcement every couple of months. Rob and I just have a lot of things we love to do! We love to create portraits, travel, teach, shoot personal work, we adore being involved in FotoJournal, and we just don’t want to give any of those things up! The result is that there are a LOT of websites that our work is now spread across.

We’re cool with things being that way, to separate what we do both in the web and in our minds, but I think it’s been hard for anyone just finding us to know what we’re about.

So Rob gave me a task. Create a portal. (You can call it a splash page, I’m going to call it a portal because it sounds mystical). I have a small amount of HTML and CSS knowledge, and have been learning a little bit here and there over the past year, but have never made a full website with them.

Well, I gave myself the job to do it over the weekend. I spent some time brainstorming, made a design in Photoshop, then yesterday I sat down, learned myself some VERY basic HTML and CSS, and made a website. I’m super duper proud of that, even though I know it’s honestly the most simple website in the history of the world. What’s neat is that I actually made it, completely by hand, and it turned out exactly as I had planned. Yay! (P.S. I’m not trying to brag, just showing that you can seriously do anything you put your mind to!)

Anyway, that’s way too big of a buildup for the actual site, and now you’re going to go there and be like “What’s the big deal?” but I’ll still share it with you :)

From henceforth, we will keep our projects neatly arranged at:


So go check it out, and explore our little world!

Hope everyone had a super lovely weekend! Looking forward to sharing some portraits with you this week!!

Lauren :)

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