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First off, I half-heartedly apologize for the obnoxiously large images in this post, but I really wanted to show them huge. So I did it. I’m sure there were more than a couple people cursing me as they scrolled to view the whole image, but I’m ok with that. :)

Aren’t these two just so adorable? I sure think so. And that’s not just because they brought me snacks.

Yeah, you read that right, they brought me snacks! I don’t know how they knew that snacks are my favourite thing, but they did. And these were snacks from Hong Kong! And…. hold on to your hats…there was beef jerky!!! YES! (In case you aren’t aware of my fondness for beef jerky, you can get some laughs this morning and check out these two photos from our road trip in September. Here & here. Yeah. I like beef jerky.) 

So once the sheer excitement of snacks and beef jerky wore off, I found out that Dan and Lillian are pretty darn awesome (not to mention crazy thoughtful). We chatted about food (a lot), knives (yeah, that’s what happens when you put food nerds together), travel, and their upcoming wedding. Yep, these two lovebirds are getting married soon! And I’ll let you in on a secret: they’re pretty excited about it. I don’t blame them, marriage is awfully fun, and I think they are going to be awesome at it! 

Guys, thanks a billion for the wonderful evenings and fantastic company. It’s been a blast getting to hang out with you! And thanks for the snacks. I kinda liked them a lot :)

Lauren :)

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