The Hlushak Family // Portraits



These guys take approximately 10 seconds to completely charm you. True story. They stepped out of their car and we were smitten. Adorable kids, fun parents, a warm fall evening with great light, and lots of room to play. Heaven.

Let me share a moment from this session that I think will always stick with me, as a perfect example of the awesomeness of this very wonderful family.

We began the session with a stroll. There was a hill at our shoot location, so naturally the boys wanted to go up it. Jacob, the older boy, scaled the ascent with great gusto. 

His mom called out to him, “Are you a mountain goat?”

He quickly replied, “No, I’m an explorer!”

And then, after giving it a moment’s thought, he added, “I’m a gentleman explorer.”

Yes. Gentleman explorer. And now, reflecting on the images of him from this session, I can see he was right. He is exactly that. If this next photo is any indication, I think there are some incredible adventures in his future.

And while he’s off on his adventures, his brother will continue to be the most adorable little boy I have ever met. 

Thank you guys for such a fun evening! It was a true pleasure to photograph you!

Lauren :)

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