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Wow, this has been a busy month! We still have another solid week ahead packed with portrait sessions, and then the quiet of winter will start to set in. I won’t lie, we’re looking forward to a bit of a break, but at the same time as I look back at all these fun sessions we’ve been shooting I can’t wait until the Spring so we can photograph more amazing people!

So today I’m hitting you up with a few sneak peeks at what will be coming to the blog soon. Some of these will be right away, some have a couple weeks to go, but as you can see there is lots of fun stuff coming up!

First up, we shot the Graham family a couple weeks ago. Man, what a wonderful group of people, so much great conversation!  And who doesn’t love some corn in their photos??


 And the Witherspoon family, I think I spent the entire time laughing. I always enjoy a solid monkey impression as well. 


This is Rowyn, such a beautiful newborn who was welcomed by a very adorable family.


 And Sara, a past wedding client now anticipating another big life change. So gorgeous. Her husband Doug made an appearance as well ;)


Dan and Lillian, frontrunners for cutest couple ever. Our evening with these two was beautiful, with tons of laughs and snacks! I love snacks. And laughs!


This past weekend was Walk to Remember, such a powerful day shared with over 700 people. Can’t wait to go through these images, it was an incredible event.


 We also got the chance to meet the beautiful baby Oksanah and her parents, our most recent Ronald McDonald House session.


And last, but absolutely not least, we spent a couple evenings this month photographing our goddaughter, Lila. I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do more. She’s pretty much the best person in the universe. And I swear I’m not biased at all. ;)


Hope you all had a lovely weekend, and we can’t wait to share tons more photos with you! After this week I’ll have a bunch more to tease you with! 

Lauren :)

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