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I realized the other day that our blog header promises “snippets of the hilarious antics we get up to”, and yet I haven’t really been delivering on that promise as of late. It’s partly because our summer is generally packed with client work, and I can barely keep up with blogging all of those sessions. It’s also likely because I doubt anyone would find our antics particularly hilarious, but perhaps they are at least mildly interesting!

And with that exciting build-up, today I’m sharing some “holiday snaps” with you! On our recent trip to Prince Edward Island our digital cameras barely made an appearance. I think we used them once. We returned home to exclamations of “I can’t wait to see all the pictures you took!” and “I bet you shot a million photos”. And we paused, realized that was completely the opposite of what happened, and shrugged. It was our first “vacation” in years, so the cameras stayed put, and we just enjoyed ourselves. And we loved it.

However, you can’t fully turn the photographer off in Rob, ever. So he had brought a Pentax K1000 with him, a gift from a very very sweet client. It’s a simple and sturdy film camera that let him just shoot, rather than worrying too much about the results. And I love love love love love the results. These are some rare images of the people and places that I love, shot beautifully. We spend all our time shooting the people and places that our clients love that we really neglect photographing our own life. These photos made me realize that that is so ridiculous, and I’m resolved to change that. Please make sure you don’t make that same mistake.

Without further ado, some images of our time in Prince Edward Island.



My parents just returned home to PEI. My mom was born there, and my dad moved there at a fairly young age, so for them PEI is home. They came to Alberta for work, and to raise my sister and me. Once we were both done school they got out of here post-haste, and went back to the Island. And if you’ve been there, you’ll completely understand why they never got it out of their system. This is their home, out on the East shore, right on the water.


And this is me, on their beach, hunting for shore glass. Every time we have ever gone to a beach, my mom would walk up and down, looking for the smooth, worn pieces of glass. When I was young I thought it was the most boring thing you could possibly do. But this time I found the practice very relaxing, peaceful, and downright enjoyable. Especially when most of my time is spent on the computer being bombarded from all sides by distractions, focusing on something so simple, with the sound of the waves as your music, was such a welcome change.



Rob was quite engaged in the book “Making Ideas Happen” during our trip, to the point where he would ignore me. So I made him put down the book. He then started taking pictures, still neglecting to play with me, so I decided to steal the book. Thus my very pleased expression. :)



PEI is full of small fishing villages that are amazing for exploring and photographing. This place was about 5 minutes down the road from my parents home.




I warned you these were holiday snaps, I never said they were especially interesting ;)


My mom.


Now, I did say I found shore glass hunting to be enjoyable. But I still get bored after a while, so this is a common scene. My mom and dad hunting, and me, sitting on the beach, playing in the sand. 



We were in New Brunswick for a family wedding on Rob’s birthday. We went to East Side Mario’s, and my family relished the opportunity to embarrass him by telling the waiter it was his birthday. So he got a free piece of cake. This is a fake smile though, the cake wasn’t very good. It’s an impressive fake smile though, isn’t it??



My mom is a dedicated beach comber for sure. We were hanging out in North Harbour when she spotted a bit of sea sponge in a lobster trap. There were stacks and stacks of lobster traps around, so she had the idea that perhaps there were more treasures to be found. Well, she was right! She found a couple dozen sea urchin shells in one of the traps, so squeezed her way into the maze to “liberate” them. 


I love love love this shot. She thought it was pretty funny that Rob was photographing the operation. In the end though she got a pretty impressive haul of shells, and it was the talk of the island for a couple days ;)



I adore this image. This is an organ in what was my great grandmother’s house. 

It’s almost become a tradition to take this shot. You see, Rob and I met because of a similar photo. I found his blog because I was intrigued by an image of a guy backflipping on a beach. I clicked, read, commented, and the rest is history. Perhaps we continue to take this shot to ensure that I still find him interesting and impressive. ;)


At my great grandmother’s beach, Rob teaches my mom how to skip rocks. She still needs to work a bit on her form.


And I absolutely love this shot too. No matter where we are, Rob will always gravitate towards the water and throw stuff into it. So this is Rob.


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