Walk to Remember

Next Saturday, October 2 marks the third annual Walk to Remember taking place here in Edmonton at the Legislative Grounds.


It might not be an event that you have heard of, but it’s certainly one you should know of.

When we photograph people we often get to know a lot about them. When we photographed Jocelyn & Chris we learned a lot about them, from what they do together for fun, to the TV shows they love, and how they make their living (very very talented web/graphic designers). We also learned that they have had some sadness in their life, but most importantly, that they’ve been moved to work very hard to help others deal with that same sadness in their own lives.

I’m talking about pregnancy and baby loss. It’s a very common thing, affecting 15,000 babies each year in Alberta alone. And yet it’s not talked about. I had no idea how very common it is until I had friends who were mothers, and until it happened to someone very close to Rob and me. Then our eyes were opened. This is something big.

What was more important to learn was just how painful such a loss is. It’s something I didn’t understand at all. I think it’s said best on the website:

Each of these babies changed lives and touched hearts. Each lives on inside a mother, a father, a sibling or a grandparent. And each left a profound emotional legacy that can be difficult for other people to understand if they haven’t experienced baby loss themselves.”

Walk to Remember exists to help those affected by pregnancy and baby loss celebrate and honor the little ones who left too soon. It also has been incredibly successful in raising funds to support grieving parents. 

Like any charity, they rely on the generosity of others. And I really wanted to let you all know about this event because I truly believe it’s wonderful. Jocelyn and Chris give all of themselves to this event, and have done so much to help so so so many. 

Rob and I will be there at the walk shooting. I really encourage you to check out their very beautiful website and see how you might be able to help. Donations of any amount help tremendously, and they also have a teddy bear drive during the walk.

We have been so lucky to have met so many beautiful babies and their adoring families as photographers, it is devastating to think of all those that never had a chance to enjoy the family that loved them so much. 

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