Pachy, Brendan + Gabe // Off On An Adventure

What’s cooler than a photo session at the airport? 

One with a super adorable and adventurous family like these guys! 

Upload from August 16, 2011

What a brilliant idea! Family portraits right before a big adventure. The packing, the preparation, and, most of all, the excitement!

Hanging out with these guys before they took off was such a blast. Gabe showed us his very cool trains, and we got to watch him carefully choose the ones he’d be taking on his big trip. It’s so fun to see what kids pack for a trip: a favourite stuffed animal, a telescope, trains—all carefully placed in his backpack. 

Then, off to the airport! We explored, played, and got ready to get on the plane. If Gabe had his way, he’d have jumped on that plane the moment we arrived. He couldn’t wait to take off, and start the adventure! But, a few photos first to remember the big day!

Thank you guys so much for letting us be part of this amazing trip of yours. It was way too much fun capturing the excitement for you!!

Lauren :)

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