Made a New Friend Today

Her name is Sophia. I got to take her photo. Short writeup for regularly verbose self, but I suppose the photos just tell the story well!

Thanks to Rob for taking these shots for me. I like ‘em. Sophia was our latest session for Ronald McDonald House. I know I talk those guys up a lot, but they’re truly wonderful. We got to share some pizza today with a bunch of the staff, and we had such a blast hanging out with them. Almost made us wish we had an office so we could have co-workers. Almost. :)

Though the blog seems quiet, things here are anything but. We’re working like busy little bees on something big. We’re super excited about it, possibly more than we’ve ever been about anything. Which is super! But it means this blog has been a bit neglected. Our sincere apologies, we really love it! Just hang in there, we promise we have a lot of photos to share!

I got a new camera, which is exciting! I’ve only had iterations of similar cameras for years, so to get something totally new was a thrill. It’s the Sony NEX-3, which is an interesting take on an interchangeable lens camera. Just take a peek at it to see what I mean. 

It’s been really fun to carry around with me day to day. I always tell myself I’ll start bringing my SLR with me more, but I never do. It’s just too awkward. This guy fits in my purse and produces awesome quality so I’m pretty happy! I’ve posted a few shots up on our personal blog if you wanna check out my results!

That’s it for now, just thought I’d post an update to let ya know what we’re up to! Hope this New Year has been awesome for you thus far!

Lauren :)

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