Evan + Natalie // Floating Away

Upload from July 14, 2011

Upload from July 14, 2011

We’re so very glad we got to meet Evan + Natalie. They are two people who just absolutely love to have fun together, and have this way of bringing you into it. It’s a blast whenever these guys are around!

Evan is a photographer himself, and we got to chatting with him online. He was planning on arranging a photo session with us as a gift to his wife, Natalie. Turns out she had the same idea!! Great minds, great minds. 

The weather in Edmonton has been a bit…unpredictable lately. These two were really hoping for some sunset shots, but with rain being the common theme of this summer, we weren’t sure if it would happen. It was the day of the shoot, and there were some stormy clouds, but since there wasn’t any water falling, we decided to press on.

And goodness, if that wasn’t the best idea ever!! We were treated to amazing light, and a truly stunning sunset. Sure we had to wait until 10:00PM to get it, and brave the armies of mosquitoes, but it was worth it all. This session was one of those magical times where everything just worked out like it was meant to be. Cool location, amazing light, and, most important of all, some absolutely wonderful people to spend the evening with.

Thank you Evan and Natalie for being so gosh darn awesome, and letting us photograph you. It was seriously our pleasure. 

And Happy Birthday Natalie!!!!

Lauren :)

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