Darren + Bonnie // Ronald McDonald House Portraits

Darren and Bonnie were our latest session with Ronald McDonald House. Yet again, we were treated to a lovely day, and a LOT of lovely people!

Darren is recovering from a liver transplant, but you woudn’t know it when meeting him. He’s energetic and funny, and had us all laughing the whole session. He’s got a huge heart too. He’s currently growing out his hair to donate to Locks of Love. He figured that since he got something (a new liver) he’d give something back.

His mom Bonnie absolutely positively adores him, and we were so glad to get some photos of the two of them together. A lot of love going on. 

Upload from July 20, 2011

I gave Darren a chance to try out our camera and he was instantly hooked! We had a hard time getting it back at the end of the shoot, because he just wanted to keep taking photos! Gotta say, we loved seeing that :)

Lauren and Craig from Mousy Brown’s Salon were a big part of making this shoot awesome. They donated their time and talent to give Darren and Bonnie an awesome hair styling experience! They are such wonderful people, and Craig even got right into the action…

Upload from July 20, 2011

Upload from July 20, 2011

We finished up by just letting Darren have some fun with the camera. I think there’s a photographer in the making here…

Upload from July 20, 2011

A shot of us by Darren.

Upload from July 20, 2011

And another shot by Darren. That big awesome house in the background is Ronald McDonald House.

I can never write one of these posts without taking a minute to thank the team at Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta. They are, without question, some of the most caring people we’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. It’s a joy every time we go to the House, because they make everyone feel truly welcome. They work so hard to bring happiness to others, and that’s so very very wonderful. A big huge hug to all of you. You guys rock.

Lauren :)

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