Sophia // A Real Live Superhero

Sophia is a superhero. She has her very own cape. She’s a big goofball, constantly making everyone around her laugh, and so full of love and life that you feel truly alive when you’re around her.

She also has a Berlin heart.

Another incredible session with Ronald McDonald House. I hope that from these images you get a sense of the personality of this little girl. She had us laughing constantly throughout the entire session. She and I became fast friends, and I still marvel at how quickly and easily she gives love.

This session took place in the Healing Garden in the Stollery Children’s Hospital. It was such a beautiful space to spend some time with this amazing family.

I guess I can sum this session up pretty easily. We were truly lucky to meet this little girl. Her strength, and her parents’ strength, taught us so much. While they’re all going through something that we can’t possibly understand, they spent their time with us hugging, playing, and smiling. They genuinely just enjoy being around each other.

Love is super.

Lauren :)

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