The Most Exclusive Cemetery in Argentina

I’m going to start sharing some of our adventures from Argentina on this blog! We experienced so much, we need to make sure we write about it before we forget! So let’s start off with a definitely different sort of adventure…

When we were in Buenos Aires we stayed in Recoleta, the poshest neighbourhood in the city. If you’ve met us, you’ll probably know that we’re anything but posh (we still wear Vans sneakers every single day!). But we wanted this trip to be a chance to expand and experience, so Recoleta sounded like a perfect spot.

A short walk from our apartment was La Recoleta Cemetery, the most exclusive final resting place in Argentina. Apparently it’s not even a matter of how much money you have, but who you know, when it comes to getting a spot in there. The people here are definitely a big deal.

The cemetery itself is possibly one of the oddest tourist attractions we’ve visited. It’s essentially a small city—but the residents are no longer breathing. It was crowded with tourists every day—guidebooks and cameras outnumbering graves. 

We thought we’d stop in a few times to take photos, but we only went once. It was pretty heavy—completely surrounded by masoleums, and the faces and names of the dead. Even now, looking through the images, I find the whole experience quite difficult to describe…

So, on that rather vague note, here are some photos we took while visiting the most exclusive cemetery in Argentina. 

Photographer’s note: Most of the images are actually taken with the Sony NEX-3, not a DSLR. More details to come :)

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