Dayna, Mel, Kerry + Sierra // Puppy Love

I know you’re totally riveted, and anxious to hear the rest of the story of The History of the Portrait. I’m working on the sequel! So for now, with this super chilly rainy week, I thought I’d share some sunny happy portraits we took last fall of Dayna, her sister Mel, Mel’s boyfriend Kerry, and their mega adorable puppy Sierra.

These photos were for a surprise gift for Dayna and Mel’s parents, so I had to hold off posting them until the canvas was delivered! (I hear there were tears, so I think the gift was well apprecaited :)

Now we can all have a bit more happy in our day with some puppy love.


I’m sure it goes without saying, but we had such a fantastic evening with these awesome folks. The sun was shining, the puppies were out and about, and it was an excellent way to relax, and just hang out together. We met up at the extremely cool Terwillegar Dog Park, and played.

Sierra is a very very loved pup. Even in the freezing cold of winter, these three would take her for walks every day, and worked hard to train her. She’s happy, frisky, and loves to be snuggled. When we saw her running towards us as the session started, we knew we were in for some fun.

Honestly, is there anything better than spending a beautiful evening photographing wonderful people and a happy pet? 

Not for me there isn’t.

Lauren :)

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