Steph of FoodHappy // Portraits of a Food Blogger

Steph is an awesome food blogger. Her site, FoodHappy, is all about making incredible food fun and easy. She’s just getting going, but already has inspired many (Rob and myself included) to start making our own bread, ice cream, and more.

Steph is also my younger sister, and I’m seriously proud of how much effort she puts into helping others learn more about food. I’ve learned tons and tons from her over the years, and am so stoked that she’s now sharing it with the world on FoodHappy.

We wanted to make sure she had some great portraits of herself, as well as a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at all the work she puts into her blog.

Starting off at the local farmer’s market, she picked some awesome looking tomatoes, then brought them home to make a calabrese salad. Even though it’s a very simple dish, it took her a long time to create because of how many photos she takes of everything!! There is a serious amount of work that goes into each and every post, and if you check out her work, it shows.

Hope you enjoyed these shots, and if you are into food, you definitely need to check out FoodHappy.

Lauren :)

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