Mylene, Shane + Gabriel

The morning we spent with this beautiful family was so peaceful. I hope you feel that from these photos!

Upload from November 14, 2011

We were so happy to be able to create a Moving Portrait as well. 

Photographing newborns is always a joy. Meeting them, and seeing their little personalities, even at only a couple weeks old, absolutely fascinates us. And there’s something really fantastic about shooting first borns. Specifically, it’s seeing brand new parents. Every moment is a new experience for them, and they just soak it up. Their eyes are bright with joy and love, they smile so easily, and there are so many simple, quiet moments that are truly and utterly beautiful.

Thank you guys for letting us photograph you. It was such a wonderful experience, we’re so happy to have met you!

Tons of love,

Lauren + Rob :)

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