The Bender Family // Extreme Adorableness

My friends, I’m going to have to warn you. This family is extremely adorable. Proceed with caution.

First up, Rob created a Moving Portrait.

And I created some photos. 

Upload from September 12, 2011

Upload from September 12, 2011

Upload from September 12, 2011

Upload from September 12, 2011

Upload from September 12, 2011

Our job is a mighty special one. We get to hang out with wonderful people like the Benders, and just watch them have fun together. To do our work, we have to get immersed in that fun, and notice and appreciate all the details of it. It’s the kind of thing we drive 3 hours, each way, for. And walk in our door back home, totally exhausted, but with smiles on our faces, because these guys were just truly wonderful. 

Elle, the toddler, had us laughing the entire time we were together. This kid is a blast. When she laughs, she does it with everything she’s got, and then some. It’s infectious. 

Her little sister Charlie is a total sweetheart. She was super calm and observant, taking in everything around her. 

We met up in downtown Calgary, and strolled around Prince’s Island Park. Holy smokes!! That place is pure magic. I’ve been to Calgary many times, but never knew it was there!

The Benders are actually from Hamilton, Ontario. Jimmy is a photographer himself! He was in Calgary shooting a wedding in the area, and called us up to take some family portraits while they were nearby.

We are always extremely honored when photographers ask us to shoot their own families. There’s a lot of pressure, but at the same time, a lot of trust. We dig it. 

Thanks guys for such a lovely evening. Wish you didn’t live so far away!

Lauren :)

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